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Bryan's Award Winning Products

When you walk into our retail store you'll see our awards on the wall. Each year Dan attends the Pennsylvania Association of Meat Processors Convention at Penn State University. At this convention they have a competition into which all Pennsylvania Meat Processors can enter their products. We have won awards for our Pork BBQ, Chicken Broccoli and Cheese Sausage, Venison Product, Smoked Ham, and Smoked Bacon which is currently the #1 Smoked Bacon in the state of Pennsylvania. Dan displays these awards in his store with great pride knowing the hard work that went into earning them.

You'll also find numerous ribbons on their walls as well. These ribbons come from 4-H animals that Dan and Nick have purchased form the Owego, Troy, Chemung, Whitneyville and Wyoming County Fairs. Bryan's is a huge supporter of 4-H, not only as a livestock buyer, but also as a contributor to various fundraisers and donations held by the 4-H.

Boys at Fair

The Troy Fair

In July, you'll find our crew working at Bryan's BBQ Pit at the Troy Fair. At the BBQ Pit, we serve some of the finest sandwiches known to mankind. Our specialtv of course is Schultz's Pork BBQ, then add to that Cajun Patty Melts, Roast Beef, Ham BBQ, Chicken BBQ and Pulled Chicken Sandwiches. And let’s not forget Bryan's own Hot Dogs! At the BBQ Pit we serve our own Hot Dogs!

Troy fair week is a very busy week for us. Between the BBQ Pit, showinq animals at the fair, the livestock auction and taking care of business at home our week is packed full. Nonetheless we always look forward to the fair.

Hunting Season & Game Processing

Autumn is another extremely busy time for Bryan's. Deer season grows a little more for us each year. We will process your entire deer or we will accept your clean boneless Venison for their specialty products. Snack Stick, Bologna, Smoked Keilbassa, Hot Dogs, Cheddarwurst and Italian Link Sausages with 18 different Venison products to choose from. We make upwards of 25,000 Ibs. of Venison product per year in our facility.

Holidays at Bryan's

Then it's on to the Christmas Season! For a real treat you need to try one of our own Hickory Smoked Hams or one of our Smoked Center Cut Pork Loins for your Holiday Meal. Butch exceeds all expectations with his remarkable smoking ability.

Bryan's Crew

Bryan's success would not be possible without our other employees who make our crew complete. These employees are Dawn Bryan, Matt Bryan, Suzanne Dietz, Adam Vroman, Andrew Jackson, and Christian Murray. Three other very special people you'll see helping out in the shop are Kyle's wife Kara, who is also a registered nurse and Nick's wife Janice, who is a USDA Meat Inspector for Cargill, and Deb's husband Robert, who works at UGI.

Dan doesn't want to leave out sister Marie and her husband Ricky who help out whenever needed. Dan wants to thank his family and employees for all of their hard work and dedication and he is glad they are part of his team.

Becky Bryan feels very fortunate to see her children carry on a business that she and her late husband started. And now to see her grandchildren so involved makes her feel truly blessed. Dan's wishes are to someday hand the reigns down to his sons Kyle, Nick and Matt and he knows they will be ready to take them. Their grandfather would be so proudl